mechmine vibration sensors datamining

Operators and owners of rotating machines

  • Generators in (hydroelectric) power stations or wind turbines
  • Electric motors and drives, pumps, fans/blowers, lift/escalators, tooling machines
  • Industry gears, mountain lifts & railways, conveying systems
  • Industries:
    • Electricity
    • Machine manufacturing
    • Utilities: drinking water, waste water treatment
    • Mining, steel, mills
    • Construction- and farming machines, cement industry
    • Transport of people: tourism, lifts, escalators
    • Transportation: locomotives, shipping/marine, trucks

There are many reasons to deploy Mechmine’s bearing and gear monitoring solution:

  • Benefit from increased machine availability without extra cost.
  • Benefit from future proof infrastructure and ease the pressure on recruiting experienced maintenance staff.
  • Benefit from advanced online tools, enabling your staff to do their job better and more efficient.
  • Capitalize on fully automated methods for 24/7 machine monitoring.
  • Capitalize on the possibility, to determine the most cost effective maintenance timing yourself!
  • Capitalize on a large vibration and machine data pool, enabling improved defect identification and predictions.
  • Increase productivity through increased machine utilization.
  • Increase machine lifetime through an improved maintenance process.
  • Increase the efficiency of your maintenance department and save on hedging spares of all sorts.

 mechmine llc predictive maintenance cloud solution