mechmine vibration sensors datamining

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New Product launch

Mechmine presents at the Zürich trade-fair maintenance 2020 a new sensor, the single-point acquisition unit mmBasebox.

Working prototypes will be on display at the maintenance fair in February or the Hannover trade-show in late April, or visit our Hardware webpage.

Successful trade-show week

Mechmine presented itself at the trade-show ILMAC in Basel and at the "Seilbahnfachtagung" (national cableway conference) in Disentis. The feedback was great!

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Partnership with gear manufacturer

mechmine LLC and SEW Eurodrive GmbH & Co, KG (Germany) work since November 2018 on a multi-year product development partnership in the area of vibration analysis for industrial gears, see press release (in German).

Hannover Fair 2018

Mechmine presents at the Hannover Messe 2018 at the Swiss booth SWISS PAVILION - RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY from April 23 to 27. Visit us and see our Cloud-based bearing and Condition Monitoring solution live!

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Loadsensor prototype in field trial

Algorithms in state-of-the-art condition monitoring systems benefit from additional knowledge such as the load of a machine. This can be obtained through monitoring the machine power consumption or power generation. Mechmine developed a small formfactor sensor to do this.

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Mechmine @ ETZ Zurich

Mechmine was invited to talk about bearing condition monitoring at the “Fertigungstechnisches Kolloquium”, organized jointly by Swissmem, inspire AG and Prof. Konrad Wegener’s Institute of Machine Tools and Manufacturing (IWF), ETH Zurich.

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Massive bearing RUL testbench operational!

Knowing bearings’ Remaining-Useful-Life (RUL) is of great value to machine operators. Mechmine commissioned a high-performance RUL testbench to speed-up their ongoing effort to calibrate their algorithms.

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