mechmine vibration sensors datamining

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GENILEM support

In November 2016, the selection committee of GENILEM Zürich Ostschweiz awarded two Coachings to Swiss entrepreneurs, lasting 3 years. One Start-Up company is mechmine llc from Azmoos, Kanton St. Gallen.

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Client's web-portal mmViewer goes live!

Mechmine equipped now more than 100 bearings in various machines for our data gathering pilot trial.

The partners can access the data from their machines and the vibration analysis results in particular through the newly launched wep-portal mmViewer.

mechmine mmViewer loginPortal

84 bearings acquired

We are pleased to inform that we acquired recently the 84th bearing since October 2015, in various machines for our pilot trial. This growing dataset will enable us to train and validate the algorithms doing bearing defect analysis.

Testbench ready!

Mechmine completed building a testbench to support and accelerate the development of specialised algorithms.

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CTI project

The Swiss Innovation Agency CTI approved mechmine's project proposal. The project will be carried out jointly with an University of Applied Sciences, i.e. Fachhochschule, and starts June 1 2015 and runs for 26 month.

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