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Mechmine’s data acquisition box mmBox Mk.1

  • 220/240V
  • Internal power supply 24V, 25W
  • Mezzanine ADC card mm824 with max. 8 channels
  • MCU board: Udoo quad (not visible, under the Mezzanine board)
  • 8 data channels on mm824 board
  • 16 data channel mmBox contains 2 serialised mm824
  • Power consumption: typ. 22W
  • Certification: CE
  • Software: OS Linux Debian

Price: from EUR 2800

mechmine llc predictive maintenance data acquisition unit mmBox Mk1 topview

Details mmBox

mmBox Case

Make: Schneider Electric

IP66, RAL 7035

Size: L=300mm, W=200mm, H=120mm

Connectors: RJ45 or USB (e.g. for Huawei LTE Dongle), 4, 8 or 16 EMC cable bushings

The 16 channel mmBox uses a 80mm height extension frame (H=120mm+80mm).

Disclaimer:  the mmBox case no longer IP66 compliant due to the standard power plug used.
Different connectors (e.g. water proof) can remedy this, please ask.

 mechmine llc predictive maintenance installed mmBox Mk1 frontview

Vibration sensors

2D MEMS-based sensor

Mechmine employs for very slow rotating machines MEMS sensors,
typical applications are ropeways or cable cars and sleeve bearings.

The 2D MEMS are also a cost effective alternative for journal bearings,
replacing two costly distance sensors. Mechmine manufactured a dedicated
2D-MEMS mount to ease attachment to the bearing pedestal and its alignment.

- 2D MEMS sensor
- Mounts for the 2D MEMS sensor

mechmine llc predictive maintenance 2D mems sensor sideview
mechmine llc predictive maintenance mems mount sideview


Piezo-bases 1D sensors

Mechmine employs and recommends exclusively Hansford sensors.

mechmine llc predictive maintenance hansford sensors swiss reseller