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2D MEMS-based sensor

Mechmine employs for very slow rotating machines MEMS sensors, where
typical applications include ropeways or cable cars.

Mechmine manufactured a dedicated mount for the 2D MEMS sensor
to ease attachment to the bearing pedestal and its alignment.


- 2D MEMS sensor with 4-pol M8 connector
- Mount for the 2D MEMS sensor

mechmine llc predictive maintenance 2DMEMS sensor  mechmine llc predictive maintenance sensor mount front 


Piezo-bases 1D sensors

Mechmine installs and recommends Hansford sensors.

mechmine llc predictive maintenance hansford sensors swiss reseller


Loadsensor LS100

Advanced Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance software tools rely today on artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning methods, and consequently on a huge number of annotated data. Machine operators prefer non-intrusive data collection, means no access to their control system, which complicates data collection, thus the need for appropriate and easy add-on measurement hardware.

The data collected comprises various parameters, however, power consumed or power output is cumbersome to collect without access to the control software. This inexpensive add-on sensor enables the safe data collection of power information by means of measuring the current flow (magnetic field) in the power cords.


mechmine llc predictive maintenance loadsensor LS100 sensor-head