mechmine vibration sensors datamining

Mechmine provides the Cloud-based machine monitoring service mmViewer for bearings and gears/drives

mmViewer enables its customers

  • to monitor the health of bearings and gears of rotating machines by means of analysing the vibration data,
  • to analyse and predict the state of bearings and gears,
  • to oursource the monitoring to Mechmine’s monitoring service,
  • downloading of analysis reports, i.e. graphs.


  • Runs in the Browser, no dedicated Software needed!
  • Rawdata analysis
  • Frequency-spectrum analysis
  • Envelope spectrum analysis
  • Velocity analysis (ISO 10816-3)
  • Cepstrum analysis
  • Trend-charting (FTF,BSF,BPFI,BPFO,BPFI,GMF,RPM)
  • Spectrogram
  • Compute various statistical paramters over time
  • Order-analysis
  • Dashboard based on velocity measurements
  • Automated balance, alignment and looseness analysis
  • Automated analysis based on kurtogramm with spectrum selection and zoom
  • M1) Alarm setting using different kind of thresholds (frequencies, broadband, temperature), alarm notfication via SMS or Email
  • M2) Dashboard based on automated bearing defect analysis
Price plan April'19
Plan Service Status Pricing
Free Data processing and display in mmViewer. Access to selected analysis functions and generation of max. 9 reports per asset.
Data go typically through customer's IT network.
Activ free
Free+ “Free” plus safe connectivity (wireless data transport and not through customer's IT) Activ EUR 380/year/mmBox
M1 “Free” or “Free+” plus alarm function with SMS/Email triggered through thresholds Activ EUR 950/year/mmBox
M2 M1 plus automated bearing/gear defect detection and fault classification Activ available upon request
M3 M2 plus automatic Remaining Useful Life (RUL) prediction 3Q2019 TBA
O1 Vibration expert analyses the data history in mmViewer and produces a health report Activ EUR 250/analysis/device
O2 Maintenance activity logbook account Activ available upon request

Not included are any expenses for data acquisition hardware and its installation like e.g. mmBox (data acquisition hardware with 8 channels) and Sensors.

Mechmine reserves the right to change the price plan and features without prior notice.