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Mechmine's Cloud application "Everywhere - Anytime - Everything"

Mechmine increases your plant and machine availability by migrating from condition monitoring to predictive maintenance. Determine yourself the best moment when to maintain or repair! Monitor successfully critical machines which contain bearings, gears or other rotating components. Mechmine offers a secure, retrofit turnkey solution -  access from everywhere, anytime, clear to everyone. Companies like Bayer AG, SEW, and cable-cars from Garaventa and several Swiss hydro-powerplants use our technology already.

Mechmine llc - our service offers:
  • Condition monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Condition-based maintenance, repair- and overhaul planning recommendation

This service exploits state-ot-the-art data processing, i.e. data-mining, by means of big-data methods derived from sensor data. Mechmine employs own or third party sensors. Mechmine can gain deeper inside knowledge and deliver additional information due to technologies based on data-fusion and data-aggregation.

Mechmine llc supports various markets: OEM, B2B and machine-vibration-analysts.

See what our customers say about Mechmine (in German).

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