Cloud-based machine monitoring service

Mechmine provides the Cloud-based machine monitoring service mmViewer for bearings and gears

mmViewer offers

  • Simple "traffic-light-based" overview across all machines
  • Dashboards to ease monitoring the health of all bearings and gears in rotating machines
  • Various automated, high-quality but still simple trend chart options to track the state of bearings and gears
  • Four options to set alarms via thresholds, with 2-levels: warning and alarm
  • Maintenance logbook: for recording any maintenance work and  to display these maintenance events in trend charts
  • All tools necessary and made easy to apply to analyse data by yourself, e.g. if desired to re-confirm the state of bearings and gears
  • Reports with downloading options of analysis results, i.e. graphs
  • Possibility to simply outsource the monitoring to third parties through mmViewer


  • Runs in the Browser, no dedicated Software needed!
  • Dashboard based on velocity measurements
  • Dashboard from AI-based outlier detection
  • Trends: FTF, BSF, BPFI, BPFO, BPFI, GMF, GMF-SB, RPM, outlier detector, statistical parameters
  • Automated balance, alignment and looseness analysis
  • Automated analysis based on kurtogramm with spectrum selection and zoom
  • Segmented-spectrogram, data cut in time and frequency sequences and each piece gets analysed
  • Order-analysis
  • Rawdata analysis
  • Frequency-spectrum analysis
  • Envelope spectrum analysis
  • Velocity analysis (ISO 10816-3)
  • Cepstrum analysis
  • Spectrogram
  • Relevant statistical parameters
Current price plan (pdf)
    Subscription plans  
  Annual subscription fee per plant 0 EUR 380 EUR 950 EUR Price upon request  
Services Description Free Free++ M1 M2 M3 Pricing
Standard mmViewer: display data, perform analysis, create diagrams ok ok ok ok ok  
Numbr of available analysis diagrams per plant 6 9 12 18 24  
Wireless data transfer WLAN/WIFI Option not ok Option Option Option 120 EUR / mmBox
Wireless data transfer UMTS/LTE/4G, incl. SIM not ok ok Option Option Option 380 EUR / year / mmBox
Display individual diagram  values via cursor position not ok Option ok ok ok 50 EUR / year / plant
24/7 monitoring with alarm trigger not ok not ok ok ok ok  
Dashboard: velocity ratings according to ISO 10816 not ok not ok ok ok ok  
Automated analysis: selecting critical range and zoom-in not ok not ok ok ok ok  
Segment-wise spectrograms in time or frequency domain not ok not ok ok ok ok  
Alarm notifications by Email not ok not ok ok ok ok  
Alarm notifications by SMS not ok not ok Option ok ok 40 EUR / year / plant
Dashboard: defect rating per component not ok not ok not ok ok ok  
Automated analysis: imbalance, alignment, looseness not ok not ok not ok ok ok  
Prediction of remaining useful life (RUL) per component not ok not ok not ok not ok ok  
Options O1: Vibration analysis through independent expert ok ok ok ok ok 250 EUR / analysis / component
O2: Electronic maintenance logbook embedded in mmViewer ok ok ok ok ok 175 EUR / year / plant
O3: Increase number of available custom diagrams by 12 ok ok ok ok ok 50 EUR / year / plant
O4: carefree package (incl. M1, O1, O2, 2 reports/year and more) not ok not ok ok ok ok upon request

Not included are possibly special firmware or expenses for data acquisition hardware and its installation like e.g. mmBox (data acquisition hardware with 8 channels) and Sensors.

Mechmine reserves the right to change the price plan and features without prior notice.


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