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Loadsensor prototype in field trial

Algorithms in state-of-the-art condition monitoring systems benefit from additional knowledge such as the load of a machine. This can be obtained through monitoring the machine power consumption or power generation. Mechmine developed a small formfactor sensor to do this.

Mechmine’s Loadsensor LS100 (patent pending) gives an indication of the state of a machine with respect to its load. The LS100 returns a 16-bit load indication via I2C or for friends of analogue signals, by a differential signal. Proper shielding has been added due to its sensitivity. The housing (not shown) has a unique innovative shape which eases fitting to supply cables. Price and commercial availability have not been released yet, but are envisaged for 2Q18 or earlier.

View of the LS100 PCB:

 mechmine condition monitoring loadsensor LS100 front


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