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Successful 2019 Mechmine Workshop

Mechmine held its 2019 Workshop on June 18 for customers and partners near Sargans, Switzerland.

This years' focus was as follows:

  • Introduction to  the topic: piezo vs. MEMS sensors, data collection & acquisition, bearing and gearbox vibration analysis
  • Presentation of the new features in Mechmine's online predictive maintenance tool mmViewer
  • Presentation of Mechmine analysis results in the most popular maintenance software tool Sambesi from Remec
  • Presentation of planned and future functionality
  • Hands-on time: time to play and explore Mechmine's mmViewer using real data!

Below: Rudolf Tanner explains to the audience the alarm generating functionality, for example, when data exceed a set threshold. The causing data gets processed and the user receives a report, showing what triggered the alarm. This is quick and convenient for Mechmine users, since the user may not have to search for the cause, means analyse many frequency spectra or interpret other data, and can focus straight on the remedy instead.
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Below: Rolf Bissig from Remec AG explains how analysis results get transferred from the Mechmine Cloud solution to the Sambesi tool, and how that data is presented for ease of access and reading.
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