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Mechmine’s Bearing Defect Challenge 2021

Mechmine’s Bearing Defect Challenge 2021 is now open for submissions! Many technicians work partially from home these days. Make the most of your time by continuing your education and add more practical experience to your CV.

Mechmine launches the Mechmine Academy and offers free access for a limited duration to its anonymized machine data through its online machine vibration data analysis tool mmViewer. There are numerous datasets available from real machines like electricity generators with or without bearing defects over a span of several years. Try to detect for yourself with the help of advanced analysis tools the defects and let us know about your findings until 30 January 2021. The best three reports (max. 2 A4 pages incl. images from the mmViewer tool) get in recognition of the effort a certificate.


→ send an email to info[at] with your details and we offer you free access.


 Mechmine reserves the right to refuse access to its application without notice.


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