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New mmBox applications thanks to UPS

Sometimes, the mains power supply of an advanced machine monitoring kit is unreliable, but the time from when a machine is being powered off to its complete standstill can be invaluable for machine diagnosis!

Mechmine offers now for such cases the mmBox with an optional UPS kit (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

This kit allows for bridging a power gap for at least 30 minutes. Longer durations are possible with a larger external lead battery. The standard battery, a leak-proof dry lead battery, is compliant with standards IEC896-2 and BS6290-4 (Eurobat guide) and approved for air transportation by IATA and UL according to MH20721.

Two positive side effects of a UPS are: first, the possibility to use the mmBox for mobile measurements in the field. Secondly, the possibility of using one mmBox for monitoring multiple plants in sequential order over a duration of, for example, 3 months. This ensures that all machine operating conditions get covered, and a massively increased probability that anomalies or transients can get caught! This is possible since the mmBox processes high-resolution vibration data and not only RMS values.


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